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If you have just stumbled across this website, my name is Gavin Woolley and I’m an internet marketer. In a nutshell, I make money by promoting other peoples products on the internet and have been making a living this way for about the last 6 years (you can read more about me by going to the ‘about me’ page on this website).

Here’s what I basically do for a living in 3 simple steps…


Now roughly 2 years ago, I came across an alternative Affiliate Network to ClickBank called ClickSure. So I joined their Affiliate program and started promoting the offers available in their Marketplace. I can say that to date I have made a fairly good income from promoting offers in ClickSure, just as I have done OK from promoting offers in ClickBank and other affiliate networks.

So recently when I was doing some research on the net and I came across some negative reports about them; lots of people have said that ClickSure isn’t legit, or even fake, so I felt compelled to speak up and share my own personal experience…

As someone who uses ClickSure to market other peoples products I have never had an issue with them. Some of the products I promote, I have also gone on to purchase. Some of the products are good, some of the products aren’t that good. But the way I view it, is if someone is trying to tell me I am going to make up to $1,000 in 15 minutes, well let’s be honest, that’s not going to be right now is it?

I can safely say that if I came across a way to make $1,000 in 15 minutes, I certainly wouldn’t be sharing it with the rest of the world! I would keep it top secret and use it for myself and my friends only!

So whilst these products didn’t provide me with the instant results that they advertised, they did help me to learn new techniques on how to make money online. Most products cost less than $50, so if I only take one new marketing technique away from each product that I’ve purchased, that in my opinion is still money well invested. Take an idea or concept from each of these programs, put them together and you have a formula that could potentially help you to increase your own marketing results.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way making out that ClickSure are perfect. The fact is they are still a  relatively new kid on the block and they still have some way to come to be anywhere near as big as ClickBank. However from my experience, they are fast becoming a good alternative to other more established Affiliate networks and I wanted to chip in with my 2 pennies worth. Particularly as there are a lot of bad reviews online about them, which whilst many of the claims may indeed hold water, other reports are just nonsense.

And I hate it when I read a review that simply just doesn’t provide correct and accurate information about a product or service!

So, in my review below,  I will attempt to go into more detail about ClickSure and provide you with the answers you are searching for about the network based on my experience as a customer, researcher and internet marketer.

pcSo Who Are They?

ClickSure is owned solely by ClickSure Payments and is an international company that has a presence in multiple countries across the globe. They focus on international processing solutions from their head office in China and through key partnerships in Mauritius, The United States Of America and The United Kingdom.

What Is ClickSure?

Well to put it simply, ClickSure.com is an online network that connects Sellers and Affiliates, so they can work together to drive more business and sales to an offer or service online.

There are 3 types of people who use ClickSure; Sellers, Affiliates and Advertisers.

Sellers will use them as a payment solution for their products that they wish to sell online. This makes the process of taking payment for orders hassle free and means that a Seller doesn’t have to go through the stress of setting up payment processing themselves. By using ClickSure they are also able to take advantage of the 100,000 plus active affiliates on the network who can promote their offer or service to a wider audience.

Affiliates will use them to find the internet’s latest ‘hot’ offers to promote. Their Affiliate program is free to join and the set up process is simple and straight forward. They also have an outstanding reputation of paying their Affiliates on time (I am an Affiliate myself and can say from personal experience, that I have never had any payment issues to date). The Affiliate Marketplace also boasts many evergreen offers that you can choose to promote, resulting in steady Affiliate commissions into your account.

Advertisers will use them purely to take advantage of the 100,000 plus active Affiliates on the network. It’s easy to set up an ad campaign with ClickSure and you aren’t limited with your processing options. As an Advertiser on the network you can either choose to process using ClickSure’s payment solution, or you can use an alternative should you wish too.

The only other type of person to use ClickSure would be a Customer. This is any person who has purchased a product that they process payments for. ClickSure, unlike some other online marketplaces, takes customer experience seriously and works closely with Affiliates and Sellers to ensure that their Customers are treated in the right way.

The ClickSure Promise

To highlight just how much ClickSure cares about customer experience and satisfaction, they openly advertise that every product that they process payments for, is covered by their exclusive 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee is known as the ClickSure Promise. You can read more about the ClickSure Promise by clicking here.


All Sellers must comply with the ClickSure Promise if they wish to use them as a payment solution. This ensures consumer peace of mind when purchasing a product online through ClickSure. It is also worth noting that ClickSure doesn’t own the products that they process payments for. The products for sale through them are owned by the Seller, who as I have mentioned above simply just use ClickSure to take payments from their customers.

A Wide Variety Of Products

The products available to purchase through ClickSure range from ‘How To Make Money Online‘ offers, all the way through to Health & Fitness, Dating, Betting Systems and many more types of offers.

The common theme for all products sold through the network, is that they are all digital goods. This means that you get instant access to your purchase, whether that is an instant download, or access to an online membership site. This is great for the consumer, as you can use the product you have purchased immediately and don’t have to wait for any physical deliveries.

If you have purchased a product through them and need to contact the Seller of this product, or ClickSure Support directly, read my post on how to do this by clicking here.

scamornotSo Is ClickSure A Scam?

Well in my opinion, no! As an active Affiliate on the network and also as a frequent purchaser of make money programs, I have never had an issue with them. In fact, I have found them to be nothing but helpful when asking for assistance.

Obviously this is my personal experience and I have read reports online of some customers having issues with them. However, they offer a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee… So if you aren’t happy with a purchase that you have made, you can get a refund from the Seller. That doesn’t sound like a scam to me!

As an Affiliate with them, my commission payments have been paid to me on time, every time since I have joined the network… Again, I doubt they would pay me my Affiliate commissions if they were indeed a scam company.

complaintSo why are there complaints on the internet about ClickSure?

Well I decided to look into this a little deeper. Comments that I came across online where I found someone had a complaint about them generally boiled down to the same 2 issues:

1. The Seller didn’t respond to the Customer’s email asking for support
2. The Customer thought that ClickSure owned the product instead of the Seller

So I contacted some of the people who had experienced the above 2 issues and this is what I discovered…

The Customers who had not received a response from the Seller concerned were refunded by ClickSure after 8 days, although the actual refund didn’t appear in their bank account until 10 days from the 8th day. This is because refunds apparently take up to 10 days to go back into your bank account.

Although this process may appear to be a little lengthy time frame wise, it did allow the Seller plenty of opportunity to respond to their customer’s inquiries. For me it also demonstrated that ClickSure, whilst giving the Seller an opportunity to assist their customers, helped protect the consumer by enforcing an automatic refund on any transaction where a Seller blatantly didn’t care about their customers.

Some of the people I spoke to thought they had purchased a product that was owned by ClickSure! So when a Seller didn’t reply to their emails, they simply assumed ClickSure was scamming them. After I explained to them that the products were actually owned by someone else and that ClickSure just processed the payments, they then contacted ClickSure Support to report the Seller concerned. Following up a couple of weeks later, all 3 of the people I spoke to regarding this, reported back to me that their refund was then granted either by the Seller themselves, or by ClickSure Support.

This demonstrated to me that, whilst offering the Seller an opportunity to provide good support, they took consumer satisfaction seriously and was prepared to step in when required. So I’m sure you would agree, that doesn’t look much like a scam company does it?

So why does ClickSure allow Sellers like this on their network?

Well to be fair to them, how do they know if a Seller is going to ignore their customers? They’re not mind readers! I spoke to a representative by email and they ran me through the approvals procedure that Sellers must comply to, in order to have an offer for sale using them to take the payments. Looking at the requirements to become a Seller, it appears that they do actually have a fairly strict compliance procedure in place which puts them in line with the necessary governing bodies guidelines.


My Conclusion About ClickSure

So taking all of the above into account, I personally don’t think that ClickSure is a scam. I also believe that many of the reports out there that contradict my conclusion, are mostly a result of misinformed individuals or lack of knowledge about the network.

Just because someone isn’t happy with a product that they’ve purchased doesn’t make ClickSure a scam. I mean how could it be a scam, if you can get a refund for any purchase you make using ClickSure to pay the Seller within 60 days of trying it? If that’s a scam then it’s not a very good one!

If you wish to join ClickSure yourself as an Affiliate, Seller or Advertiser, you can do so by clicking on the button below:


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my review on ClickSure. Please feel free to leave a comment below and I look forward to reading about your experiences. If you have any questions about the subject matter on this page, drop me an email and I will try to answer you as best I can.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Terry Heise says:

    I just want to get a hold of clicksure because I have set up an account but was unclear what to do with it, how to get to it utilize the account. So I am not certain how to even access what I think I have because I paid for something! I have been stupid enough to do that on at least three occasions and have been left to die – I get emails all the time to keep doing what I know I have done already at least 3 times and I cant get anyone to talk to me…Can you help me sort it al out or tell me where I can go?

    • Gavin says:

      Hey Terry,
      I’m a little confused, have you joined ClickSure as an Affiliate or purchased a product that ClickSure processes the payments for?
      Let me know which one it is and I can point you in the right direction.

      • mike says:

        I just want to get a hold of clicksure because I have set up an account but was unclear what to do with it, how to get to it utilize the account. So I am not certain how to even access what I think I have because I paid for something! I have been stupid enough to do that on at least three occasions and have been left to die – I get emails all the time to keep doing what I know I have done already at least 3 times and I cant get anyone to talk to me…Can you help me sort it al out or tell me where I can go? This is exactly my issue, I am have an affiliate account but have no idea what to do to get started and they will not call me all they do is send generic info, very confusing to get started. Can you help please? Thanks, Mike

        • Gavin says:

          Hi Mike,
          Thanks for getting in touch.
          Firstly, if you have purchased products online you should contact the Customer Support Team for those products directly. Information on how to do this should be included on any payment receipts that you’ve received.
          Secondly, great news that you want to start Affiliate Marketing. I understand getting going can be a bit daunting. What I would recommend is that you do some research for different online marketing techniques. There are so many different types and many work well when used together. One key factor to consider is whether or not you want to pay for your traffic. Paid and unpaid traffic each have their pros and cons and are often used in conjunction with each other.
          While you’re researching, you should consider the resources that you have available, such as budget and the time you have available to spend on the project.
          If you have any specific questions, ClickSure will be able to help. They also have some useful articles on their blog – http://clicksureblog.com/
          Hope that this helps you to get started.
          - Gavin

  2. a says:

    Your are the baddest company!!
    Why don’t have cancel membership function?

  3. anyhonya says:

    I been trying for some weeks to get something and iv.had nothink so can you help Mr a w evans

    • Gavin says:


      Thanks for getting in touch. Please could you provide me with a bit more information on what you’re trying to do and I’ll see if I can help you.



  4. David says:

    Hi Gavin
    Maybe you can help .I have been trying to obtain my refund on a start up payment of $49.Click sure insists that they have refunded my money on 7/19/2014 returning it to my visa card from which payment was drawn. Major Problem no sign of any deposit to my account its been over 26 days.All they can show me is some long number,no bank name routing no. address phone fax Nothing of any proof. Got any suggestions or should I just kiss goodbye to my cash.

    • Gavin says:

      Hey David, thanks for getting in touch.
      I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received your refund yet. From my experience, if ClickSure say a refund/cancellation has been processed they will have actioned the refund/cancellation – there could just be a delay in the funds being returned to your account.
      One thing it would be worth checking is that the funds were actually collected from your account. Sometimes if the refund is processed soon after the order is placed, ClickSure will just cancel the transaction rather than collecting the funds and then refunding.
      I’d also recommend that you try contacting ClickSure again – they may be able to trace the funds.
      - Gavin

  5. Steven says:

    I have joined emobile codedo I need to set up a click sure account and if so which one?

    • Gavin says:

      Hey Steven,
      The best place to go for help with this is the eMobile Code customer support team, I believe their email address is support@emobilecode.com
      They will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to get started with your membership.
      Hope this helps!
      - Gavin

  6. Maurice says:

    I have for weeks now been trying to get some money refunded as was 100% guaranteed by MOBILE GAME MONEY. I went through the procedure on cancellation. CLICKSURE, then sent me notice that of repayment saying it will be in my bank in 10days by the way that as on 2nd August 2014. NOT HAPPENED since then I have not been able to get a reply from CLICKSURE. do you know were they hide in UK? telephone No or address, email etc. Please.

    • Gavin says:

      Hey Maurice,
      Sorry to hear that you haven’t received your refund yet. As I’ve mentioned in previous comments, my experience with ClickSure has been on the whole incredibly positive. I’ve actually required refunds in the past which I’ve received with no issue.
      If ClickSure have confirmed that the refunds have been actioned, I would recommend that you contact your bank – they might be able to do some kind of trace on the refund. Alternatively, it’s always worth you contacting ClickSure again.
      I’m not sure exactly where ClickSure are based but you can find all the details for the company here – http://www.clicksurepayments.com/
      - Gav

  7. mumsy says:

    hi have opened and affiliate account i want to pay the $49 for the mobile money cod e but i cannot find the mobile money code option to pay. can u please direct me

  8. Tony Dean says:

    Hi Gavin Great Jobon responding it seems to me that some affiliates which are trying to apply the MMC & ClickSure system struggle to find step by step instructions on how to proceed are their videos to assist a interested prospects. Secondly if I wish to $1000 weekly what other cost are there

  9. AZ says:

    please if in the process of getting a new account verified and activated, but clicksure says that the account could not be activated due to suspect fraud document. I just want to know if the person can still reapply with a fresh document?

    • Gavin says:


      Sorry to hear that you’re account has been declined by ClickSure. I believe that they’re required to be able to provide verification of all their Affiliates and Advertisers which means that it’s really important that the info you provide is accurate.

      Did they elaborate on why they believed your documents to be fraudulent?


  10. Terri Constant says:

    Okay, I’ve uploaded my DL and address verification, when do I start earning money?

  11. paras says:

    I have just started with my account can u help me how it’s work. I have joined as affiliate.

    • Gavin says:

      I’m glad to hear you’ve joined ClickSure, they’re an awesome network! It works pretty similarly to most other networks, once your accounts approved you can grab your links from the marketplace and start promoting. Their support team are always happy to help too if you have any questions about your account.
      - Gav

  12. Terri Constant says:

    i’ve joined and it’s taking admin. well over a day to approve me, what’s going on, is this legit? It shouldn’t take them 36 hours to approve someone. And I’d like to know why never replied to my other problem.

    • Gavin says:

      Hi Terri,
      I’m actually an Affiliate with ClickSure too, from my experience with ClickSure they’re usually really quick to respond to enquiries – although you should allow more time for them to reply over the weekend.
      With regards to your other enquiry, it’s worth you dropping them a reminder – or if you think it’s something I might be able to help you with feel free to email me.

  13. Tina says:

    Hy, I sent several emails to clicksure support about my money refund and u get only the automated response and for refund no notice just in the account stated that they already asked the seller. Well they also provide a link the seller, because you should contact the seller yourself, but in this link it is only possibility for technical support, not the refunds. The seller does not reply not even clicksure. What to do!

    • Gavin says:

      Hi Tina,
      Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems getting a refund. From my personal experience and what I’ve heard of other peoples experiences, Sellers are usually pretty prompt in issuing a refund when requested but if they stall a bit ClickSure tend to intervene. If you haven’t had a refund issued yet, I would recommend that you try contacting ClickSure again.
      Hope this helps.

  14. Terry L says:

    Which “Financial Services Commission” does Clicksure refer to when stating they are required to have affiliates upload their “compliance documents”? I don’t feel comfortable uploading personal documents to a business that is ran from another country. There’s one in Mauritius, Barbados, Jamaica, Florida, Gibraltar, etc. How do I know my information will be private and not sold on the black market or available for anyone to see that I can’t control?

    • Gavin says:

      Hi Terry,
      I’m not sure which FSC it is, you will need to contact ClickSure directly for more info.
      Please note that this site is not owned by ClickSure, it’s just my own personal review website.
      Hope they can help put your mind at rest :)
      - Gav

  15. frankie says:

    why do I need to upload compliance documents

    • Gavin says:

      Hey Frankie,
      ClickSure are required by the FSC where they operate to be able to verify the identity and address of each Affiliates that they issue payments to.
      If you have any questions, you can contact ClickSure directly – I’m sure they’d be happy to help.
      - Gavin

  16. Tevin says:

    Yes I’m just wondering how so I start making money I already setup am account payed my 49.95 fee do I just wait or what exactly do I have to do to see money flowing in. I’m patient I got a job so time and opportunity is all I got so can you please help me. Do I have to create a campaign or no just leave it alone and if so I’m not sure i know how to feel it out. I’m computer savvy but not this lol thanks Tevin.

    • Gavin says:

      Hey Tevin,

      Thanks for your message. It sounds like you might have created an Advertiser Account with ClickSure. This means that if you have your own product, you can create a campaign to be approved by the staff at ClickSure. Once your campaign is approved, Affiliates with ClickSure will be able to promote your product.
      If you don’t have your own product that you want to be made available for Affiliates to promote, but instead want to promote offers as an Affiliate you will need to join ClickSure as an Affiliate. If you’re still unsure or need further advice, the ClickSure Team are usually on hand to answer any questions you may have.

      Hope this helps,


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